Why We Do What We Do


Our mission is to negotiate and present a perfect match between a financial house and financial planner, based on the value proposition offered and the value expectation. This will provide the foundation for a successful business relationship and mutual respect.


We strive to source the perfect deal for a financial planner and or financial institution.


Through many years in the Insurance industry, we realized that recruitment is usually based on a self-beneficial drive, and not based on finding a symbiotic relationship. Through research and interviews we compiled the elements that financial planners like or dislike about their current value propositions. With this knowledge we sourced the best offers in the market and present it to potential Financial Planners.

The Problem

Agency Franchises need to recruit experienced and new Financial Advisers to grow their business and to serve their clients optimally.  Finding the perfect fit is a challenge and time consuming.

Financial Advisers looking for a home, find it difficult to compare the different opportunities available.

The Solution

We match Financial Advisers and Agency Franchises based on their respective needs. We save you time and effort whilst ensuring the best possible outcome for all parties.

Our Services

Agency Franchise

Are you an Agency Franchise that needs to recruit Financial Advisers?

Financial Advisers

Are you a Financial Adviser and looking for a new opportunity or would you like to become a Financial Adviser?

Not Sure?

If you are unsure about anything or if you would first want to talk to us before sending us any information, please let us know by getting in touch.




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